Affordable Websites in a SNAP

Our most affordable website offering

How do I know if a SNAP website is right for me and my business?

  • Would you like to upgrade or update your current, Blogger or other “build it yourself” website solution to a professional site you own?
  • Does your current site no longer meet your needs?
  • Are you just getting started and looking to create your first website?
  • Do you want an affordable way to grab a piece of on-line real estate for your business?
  • Would you love to have a custom website but can’t afford one yet?
  • Do you want to maintain ownership and control of your website and it’s content?
  • Are you looking for a website that can grow with you and your business?
  • Would you like a website that is a solid foundation for your digital marketing plans?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, a Simply Creative Media SNAP site is the perfect solution! S – Simple and Fast

S – Simple and Fast

Simply Creative Media does the hard work for you, saving frustration and countless hours of time you could be using to put money in your pocket. SCM sites are built with professional, proven, effective WordPress technology that has the ability to grow with your business. Your website will be professionally built and delivered to you in about ten business days from your submission of complete content.

N – NO Worries

Simply Creative Media is your online marketing partner with experience, resources and talent to help you take your business where you want to go.  With over five years experience helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and larger businesses get found, get social and get beautiful online, we have the answers you’re looking for. We are passionate about educating you, at whatever level of knowledge and experience you have, with the solutions that best serve you, your clients and prospects on the web.  Solutions like: “What should be on my website?” “Is my site mobile ready?” “What is a ‘call to action’?” “How do I get a domain name?” “What is hosting?” “How do i know if I own the content and site I already have?”

A – Affordable

How much is your time worth?  Wouldn’t you rather spend your time working with clients rather than hours and days getting started and trying to figure out how to get the results you want from your website?  Quality and affordability are yours with SCM’s website in a SNAP.

P – Portable

Your website will be built on the WordPress framework which means you’re not stuck with Godaddy, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or some other proprietary website provider that holds you and your site captive by locking you into a dead end path. WordPress powers over 20% of the websites in the world, so your future is secure, open, supported and expandable to meet the online needs as your business grows.  With over 29,000 plugins to expand WordPress functionality and WordPress support and developers everywhere you can be confident you have made a great decision.

Are your needs more custom or larger than the basic SNAP site? Lots of pages, need a writer, shopping cart, custom application development? Simply Creative Media can handle any web development project no matter how complex your needs are, just contact us and schedule a conversation about your project.

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