Online Visibility, Get Found With Local Search In Kansas City

Top local search results in Kansas City, are the desire of every business in town.  With only a few spots on the first page of Google and only seven spots on the search map for businesses in your industry, only those businesses that put in the work over time will receive a share of that organic local search traffic.  There is no silver bullet or quick way to the top that lasts, just old fashioned hard work, knowledge and consistency.

Google Local Search Results May 2015 Roofing Companies

Good local search ranking in Kansas City can provide a steady stream of incoming leads and brand awareness for your business.  A combination of factors contribute to the ranking of your website in the local search results.  From an execution standpoint in building your search ranking these activities are generally divided into “on-site” and “off-site” techniques.

  1. Your website and its content:
    1. Without great content on your website that establishes authority in your industry, language that the visitor and the search engines understand as well as design and calls to action are all necessary.
    2. Mobile friendly and the speed of your website.  On April 21st. 2015 Google rolled out a new search algorithm which will not rank your business for searchers conducting a search on a mobile device unless your website is “mobile friendly” and has a version for tablets and smartphones.  Google also gives some weight to sites that are well built technically and load fast which is part good coding and part web hosting.
    3. If you do get found in the search engines but don’t have the right design and calls to action you may not convert that visitor into a lead or client.
    4. There are also some technical things that need to be done to make sure that the search engines understand where you are, who you are, what you do and how visitors can reach you.  This is called “rich tagging” and can be done for your location, reviews, authorship and another of other pieces of data that help the search engines learn about how you are a good result to return to the searcher.
  2. Business Citations:  This includes listings in internet business directories, business pages on the search engines and your about pages on social media sites.  Key factors on how well this works and contributes to your ranking are consistency and volume of listings.  These listings contribute to some extent to the next factor which is linking.
  3. Reviews: Quantity, quality, diversity and regularity.  Most business fall down on reminding their customers to post a review. Enough said!
  4. Linking:
    1. Backlinks – these are links from other websites to your website.  The best links are links with “authority” from respected sites that have their own good ranking in the search engines and sites that lend credibility to your brand and industry.  For instance a plumber receiving a link from the national association of plumbers is much more valuable than a blog about legos from Denmark.  A few high quality links are much better than hundreds of poor quality or spam links which can even get you penalized by the search engines.  We have spent a lot of time removing or disavowing bad links for clients that are being hurt by these old school tactics of link volume not quality.
    2. Internal and external linking – simply linking between pages on your website for keywords that you may have more content on, or linking to other websites giving Google a better understanding of what your content is about.

This is only a high level view of all the factors that go into getting a great local ranking, you can find an extensive list compiled from a survey of SEO search professional here: Moz local search ranking factors