Social Media Marketing

Social media wordcloudIn 2010, only 14% of marketers outsourced social media marketing. Last year, that number doubled to 28%. And this year, the percentage rose yet again, with 32% of marketers outsourcing social media.

In the early 90′s they said that if you don’t know how to operate a computer within 5 years you would be functionally illiterate. Currently if your small to medium sized business isn’t reaping the benefits of social media, your business is functionally inadequate. With the convergence of technology Social Media was born.

Have questions about how to get started with a social media strategy?

What is Social Media? It is about building community around your brand/service/business. Social Media is world wide, not local. It is the new marketing and advertising and it is where you need to be to keep up with today’s way of doing things. The days of costly print advertising are gone. Press releases are going to die…. Now enters Social Media.

An amazing advertising breakthrough for small to medium sized businesses because the tools you need to market yourself online are basically free! Of course there is the time you need to dedicate to learning these tools which can be time consuming and overwhelming for those who aren’t totally internet savvy.

According to it’s not exactly “news” that marketers are strapped for time, so when budget allows, it can be a huge relief to outsource activities to reputable agencies or contractors. But if you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’ve probably seen more than your share of social media “experts,” “gurus,” and “ninjas.” In other words, it’s really easy for a marketer to get sucked in by contractors or agencies that might not be qualified to manage their social media presence.

Enter Simply Creative Media… a solution to all your Social Media needs.

Need digital marketing training in Kansas City?  Starting in April of 2016 we will be holding classes on digital marketing topics for the small business that wants to learn how to do their own digital marketing.
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